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  • Oxford Alloy ER309/309L Sub Arc 5/32 in x 60 lb coil

Oxford Alloy ER309/309L Sub Arc 5/32 in x 60 lb coil

Item ID: OXF309L5-32X60
Diameter: 5/32 in

AWS Spec: 5.9
AWS Class: ER309/309L
UNS Number: S30980/S30983
Diameter: 5/32 in
Brand: Oxford Alloys
Welding Process: SAW
Packaging: 60 lb Coil
Default Order Quantity: 60 LBS
Primary UOM: LB
  • Preferred over ER309 for cladding over carbon or low alloy steels, as well as for dissimilar joints that undergo heat treatment.
  • The lower carbon content reduces the possibility of intergranular carbide precipitation.
  • Strength of this low-carbon alloy; however, may not be as great at elevated temperatures as that of the columbium (niobium)-stabilized alloys or ER309.
  • Superior feedability
  • Certified Material Test Reports on all heats
Chemical Composition
C Cr Ni Mo Mn Si P
0.03 max 23.0-25.0 12.0-14.0 0.75 max 1.0-2.5 0.30-0.65 0.03 max
S Cu
0.03 max 0.75 max
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength
MPa (ksi)
Yield Strength
MPs (ksi)
Not specified Not specified Not specified
Typical Results -
As welded
590 (86) 400 (58) 40