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Oxford Alloy® 410NiMo MIG & TIG


AWS/ASME Spec 5.9
AWS Class ER410NiMo
UNS S41086
Key Features:

• Designed to weld materials of similar chemical composition in cast and wrought forms as well as to overlay mild and low alloy steels.
• Preheat and inter-pass temperatures of not less that 300°F (150°C) are recommended during welding. Post-weld heat treatment should not exceed 1150°F (620°C) as higher temperatures may result in hardening.
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Item IDProduct DescriptionQuantity
410NIMO .035 (0.9MM) GMAW
410NiMo .035 (0.9mm) MIG
Catalog Page SDS
410NIMO .045 (1.14MM) GMAW
410NiMo .045 (1.14mm) MIG
Catalog Page SDS
410NIMO 1/16 (1.6MM) GTAW
410NiMo 1/16” (1.6mm) TIG
Catalog Page SDS
410NIMO 3/32 (2.4MM) GTAW
410NiMo 3/32” (2.4mm) TIG
Catalog Page SDS
410NIMO 1/8 (3.2MM) GTAW
410NiMo 1/8” (3.2mm) TIG
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