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Nickel Alloys (109)
Stainless Steel (214)
Duplex & Super Duplex (22)
Chrome Moly (52)
Mild Steel (43)
Titanium (12)
Zirconium (3)
Aluminum (14)
Bronze Alloys (24)
Flux (2)

Quality Assurance

Oxford Alloys has built the most stringent internal processes to ensure that our products offer exceptional value to our distributors and end-user customers.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

View our ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Quality Assurance Team

The Quality Assurance Team has the education, training and dedication to ensure Oxford Alloys is continually striving to be the best brand of welding consumables in the world. In order to keep our experts at the top of their game, we conduct regular training, development and continual education in a wide range of disciplines. You can rest assured that the QA team at Oxford Alloys is focused on delivering the results our customers have come to expect.

Product Inspections

Oxford Alloys performs a variety of inspections to ensure our customers' order accuracy. To ensure we are always processing the right item, an inbound inspection is performed as items are received and then verified again by our inbound coordinators.

Product Testing

Oxford Alloys performs random sample testing on every heat of incoming product utilizing laboratory quality XRF instruments to validate the chemical composition is in accordance with AWS/ASME specifications as well as our own internal requirements.

Material Test Reports

A Material Test Report (MTR) is a lot/heat-specific document that includes the dimensional, chemical and mechanical test result of welding consumables. MTRs are available on all Oxford Alloys brand products. Access our MTR Search.

Corrective Action Systems

Oxford Alloys maintains documented processes for implementing formal corrective actions both internally as well as with our supplier base.

Packing and Shipping

Orders flow through our validation process, in which individual items are checked. Counts are captured in our system to prevent the processing of incomplete or inaccurate orders. After the packing process is complete, our Quality Assurance team performs shipment audits for all outbound orders. The orders are checked for item accuracy, quantity, packaging and documentation. Proper and/or protective packaging and labeling is prepared in accordance with Oxford Alloys packaging and labeling procedures. This assures that proper packing methods are followed and provides us with a tool for measuring the overall accuracy of outbound shipments.

Statistical Quality Control & Reporting

Oxford Alloys uses a variety of internal and external quality measurements in different areas of the Company, especially in our Customer Fulfillment Centers (CFC). Internal measures include inbound item accuracy, inventory, stocking location and outbound package accuracy. External or customer-reported measures include customer, customer returns and on-time delivery. Quality metrics are audited continuously and the results are reviewed on a constant basis. Our Quality systems employ documented, measurable processes that support our mission to be the best. The output of each is continuously reviewed by our staff of QA personnel and technicians. Statistical tools are employed that give us directional focus to continually improve our efforts to support our customer.