Oxford Alloy 2594-16

Item ID: OXF2594-16ELE

AWS Spec: 5.4
AWS Class: E2594-16
Brand: Oxford Alloys
Packaging: 10 lb Tube | 30 lb Master Carton
  • A super-duplex grade electrode that provides matching chemistry and mechanical property characteristics to wrought super-duplex alloys such as 2507 and Zeron 100, as well as to super-duplex casting alloys (ATSM A890).
  • The electrode is over-alloyed 2-3% in nickel to provide the optimum ferrite/austenite ratio in the finished weld.
  • Common industries include: Process piping, pumps & valves, and pressure vessels
  • Hermetically Sealed Tubes
  • Stenciled with AWS classification
  • Certified Material Test Reports on all heats
Chemical Composition
0.04 max24.0-27.08.0-10.53.5-4.50.5-2.01.0 max0.04 max
0.03 max0.20-0.300.75 max
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength
MPa (ksi)
Yield Strength
MPs (ksi)
760 (110) minNot specified15 min
Typical Results -
As welded
850 (123)650 (94)28